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EPLAN have made a significant impact to the delivery of contract in regards to Gas Installations. They are our sole provider for all Gas installs in Birmingham and have been now for almost 4 years, acknowledged by our client stating we are delivering the best Gas installs throughout the entire contract and against our competitors on other areas of the contract. There are extremely strong communication skills which are a key part in success and a fantastic working relationship between the teams, enabling us to continue to deliver above the expected standard and continue to raise the bar on a regular basis. Nothing is ever too much to ask for, and EPLAN are always there for support and help with other work streams when required. EPLAN are now used nationally by us across our other contracts for other councils, delivering Projects & Planned Works schemes such as K&B’s, Rewires, Electrical installation, etc. We would highly recommend EPLAN and would like to thank them for their continued support & look forward to continuing to expand the delivery of services they are able to deliver on a national level.